Friday, 22 October 2010

Hey Hey!

Hey guys! Ive not done a blog post in soooo long so think its about time I get blogging again! im currently in love with about 100 new beauty products so ill blog about my favs soon.

Since I last blogged I dyed my hair dark brown which I do like but me being me im a bit bored!! Its faded a little at the min so i need to dye it, so im either going to put a very dark brown with a hint of purple, go back red (wich is a pain in the backside but i loved!!) ORRRR im really liking coppery, gingery hair at the min but can I be bothered with the upkeep?? HMMMM whats a girl to do eh?

Heres a pic of how it is at the min, let me know what you think i should do with it!

Now I wish I was as brave as my sister she has amazing coloured hair at the min! Seems to be changing to different pinks for the past couple months but my fave is when it was like this.....

I hate how she pulls anything off!! haha!

I now promise to keep this blog updated from now on so shout at me if I dont!!

Liz xx
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