Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Xen Tan

Hey guys, I love all the Xen Tan range so i thought id do a review for you. Also i thought it would be fun to do a little experiment to test them all out to see the difference colour wise side by side.I now have a stripy leg!

Night before freshly applyed - L-R dark lotion, deep bronze, mist intense, face tanner luxe, transform luxe (apologies my moose decided to do a walk about so missed out!)

Next morning developed -

My favs of the range are -

Transform Luxe - Gradual tanner that smells like vanilla, I find it really moisturising, it has shea butter and vitamin E within it. It also dries quickly and i never feel sticky which is great for quick application in the morning. I try and put this on as much as I can remember, really good to use as a top up colour. The colour is really nice and natural and i never feel orange.

Facial Tanner Luxe - Love this, its really olive toned and feels great on my face and even feels fine under my make up. Wear this one quite alot as i find my tan fades so quick on my face. I use cleansing oils so this may be the problem. Again this smells like vanilla, such a change from horrid smelling tans that you cant wait to wash off! You can actually go straight out wearing any of these they smell so nice!

Dark Lotion - I like my tans nice a dark (not too dark thou!!) so this is a really good one for me. The guide colour is reallt dark which is good as you can tell exactly wear its going, i never get streaks because of this. It lasts me a good week usually and comes off nice an even. Sometimes i feel its just not dark enough once i wash off guide colour so in that case ill just use it every night until im the colour i want then just use transform to top up. This i swear smells of cherry cola! Yummy!

Bronzer - Ok sometimes i love this sometimes i hate this! I really wished it would be more olive toned than it is, it sometimes feels slightly orange, but sometimes it blends perfectly with my tan. Sometimes struggle with my make up when wearing this tan as my face can be warmer toned than my body! Ill stick to my illamasqua bronzer day to day i think!

Bronzer swatch

I do sometimes use the others, Mouse, Spray and deep bronze just depends on my mood and how dark i feel i need to be! After seeing the swatches i may use the spray mist a little more as it seems to be more olive toned than the rest, not that any of them look orange in the slightest. Only downside id say of them all is when you first put them on you look slightly green, some more than others, but this does go away but is a bit scary thinking you are going to turn green!!!




  1. Xen Tan is the best self tanner out there (apart from the dove which I use if I want a slight colour). I have used the dark lotion, the deep bronze and now the deep bronze luxe and they are fab!! the colour is an amazing bronze but very natural and I really like the smell of them!! I think I need to get the face one - does it sit in the pores though do you know?
    Just found your blog by the way and recommended it on Twitter :)

  2. Hi Liz
    Really fab review. I found this SO helpful as I'm hoping to get some Xen Tan after hearing some great things, but didnt know which product to go for :)
    Gorgeous blog...xx

  3. @Happy1234 Thanks! really appreciate you recommending my blog :)I would really say you should go for the face one, i love it! I prefer the luxe version it feels more moisturising, i hate it when tans dry your face out but this dosnt at all! Ive not found it sit it my pores at all, its really even too which i struggle with on the face usually.

    @milly im glad you like it! They are all so good so you really couldnt go wrong tbh. Just applyed the mist intense, not worn the mist for a while but ive fallen in love again, its dried instantly and i could easly go straight out it it, really nice colour already! will try and do a fotd tomorrow so you can see the result

    Thanks for following guys xxx

  4. Thanks for reply, will get the face luxe one then.I know feel unique have a offer on at the minute where you buy 2 Xen Tan products and chose another selected one free.
    Great blog - look forward to more posts :)

  5. fab review!! must use my Xen Tan soon but never find the time to tan!! haha! You are a yummy mummy indeed! love your blog!xx

  6. Thanks holly! Yep im the same! when your a mum its hard to tan!! So many time my little boy has woke up the next day with tanned hands!!! He now knows not to touch me when im tanned! xx

  7. Brilliant post!!

    I need to get a tan, I'm thinking of getting some xen tan at the weekend, I need to be brown.

  8. Xen Tan really has great products!


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